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HOME: Where you can see our journey plotted on an interactive map and also get access to quick links and the latest news.

DELEGATES: Where you can learn a bit more about the two fools that are involved in the rediculous project:

DOUG CAMPBELL: Learn more about this rather fresh chap.

HEATH BUCK: Sure he's English - but that's just the start of his problems.

BLOG: This is where the brunt of our literary skills will be gracefully recorded.

VIDEOS: Where we'll post our latest cinematic masterpieces.

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FAQs: Our "Frequently Asked Questions" - where we try to clarify just what the hell is going on here.

FEEDBACK: Where we ask for your feedback whether through suggestions, polls or otherwise.

THE SILLY FUND: When other charities get monotonous and boring, here comes "The Silly Fund!" Our own hand-made charity.

THE SILLY FUND EXAMPLES: Learn how we're going to simultaneously make fools of ourselves AND benefit humanity!

THE SILLY FUND HONORABLE DELEGATES: A shout out of thanks to the people who donated their hard earned money for the cause!


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